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How a Felony Lawyer Can Help If You Are Facing Felony Charges in Kendall County

What To Consider When Looking For A Felony Lawyer If Charged With A Felony Offense In Illinois

Felony offenses are considered crimes of high seriousness committed under criminal law. Murder, rape, manslaughter, armed robbery, and kidnapping are all severe felony offenses that carry heavy felony fines, a prison sentence of more than a year, and other life-changing severe consequences as a result of a felony conviction.

If charged with any of the above, finding a criminal defense lawyer is crucial to help you immediately.

While it’s stressful to be arrested for serious criminal offenses in Illinois, it’s essential to consider finding an experienced criminal defense lawyer to represent you in the state, federal, or appellate courts. Here are some of the factors you need to consider when choosing a criminal defense lawyer to defend you in the Illinois criminal justice system.


Take some time to understand what a specific criminal defense attorney has to offer. Some important aspects to look into are details of their background, education, case history, and in-court experience. All these factors are crucial to consider as they greatly reduce your chances of being charged or convicted of a felony. Therefore, you should find a criminal defense lawyer who is highly skilled in the area of law in which your case falls.


All lawyers tackle different kinds of cases. These cases help add up to a defense attorney’s reputation and are helpful when researching specific lawyer reviews, testimonials, and publications.


The cost of working with a felony defense lawyer depends on several factors, including the nature of their own experience, the complexity of your case, whether a witness is needed for your case, the extent of the case, and the jurisdiction in which the charges were classified. You want to find an attorney whose fees will fit into your budget and who will be as upfront as possible about the cost of your defense.

Area of Practice

Many criminal defense attorneys specialize in precise areas of criminal defense. Some of their concentration may comprise felony offenses, including DUI, theft, domestic crimes, violent crimes, technical crimes, etc. Therefore, it helps to consult one associated with your specific felony charges when finding an attorney. This means they are more experienced in that precise area of criminal defense and can better represent you for a favorable outcome.

What Are The Practice Areas For A Felony Attorney In Illinois?

Regardless of what type of criminal offense you have committed, a criminal defense attorney can help develop an aggressive and effective legal defense strategy depending on the seriousness of your accusations. They can be either violent or non-violent charges, including drunk driving/DUI, violating traffic laws, or white-collar crimes. 

Many people mistakenly believe that hiring an experienced lawyer is not important for certain crimes. However, even a charge for disorderly conduct in Illinois can also have you penalized severely so it’s important to work with an attorney in this case. For more details, the felony Illinois handbook has all information you need to know about felony crimes and penalties in Illinois.

Some common practice areas for felony attorneys include:

  • White-collar crimes
  • DUI
  • Violent crimes
  • Drug crimes
  • Probation violations

So, if you have already been found guilty of a crime, it’s advisable to seek advice from a defense attorney. Depending on your case, an attorney can help you with felony expungements in Illinois or if you have been charged and not acquitted, contacting a criminal defense lawyer immediately can help you begin building a strong case from the outset.

Possible Defenses Against Serious Felony Charges

Being arrested for a felony offense can lead to severe consequences. Your future and independence are generally put at risk. Felonies tend to be more serious crimes and can carry heavy punishments. A capital felony may lead to severe punishments such as life imprisonment, the death penalty, or serving very lengthy jail time. For violent crimes, it can result in longer jail time in state prison.

Each case is different, but common defenses to serious felony charges include the following:


This refers to the defendant acting to defend them from physical harm from the other person’s attack. It is most commonly used in violent crime cases.

Mistake of Fact 

This is where a person’s identity was mistaken when they were arrested or charged with a crime. Some of these cases may be easy to prove, but others may require extensive investigations and the gathering of forensic evidence.


This is where intoxicants like alcohol or drugs are taken into account when determining whether a person had the intent to commit an offense. While this may not prevent a conviction in all cases, it could result in a lesser sentence.

Contact an Illinois Criminal Defense Attorney If You Face a Possible Felony Conviction

If you or someone you love is facing felony charges, it is critical to find a great criminal defense lawyer at the top of his or her profession. 

When you need reliable legal advice and advocacy, Andrew Nickel is a felony lawyer and former prosecutor who can help you tackle your case, beginning with a free initial consultation. If you choose to work with him, he will assist you in building a solid defense and protecting your rights, liberty, and future against your felony charge. 

Our law office is ready to evaluate your criminal case. Contact us today for a free consultation and begin moving forward.

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