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Whether you are dealing with a divorce, criminal charge, traffic ticket, family law matter, or anything in between – our Kendall County attorneys are here to help.

Our office is located in Yorkville, Illinois, but we routinely provide representation to clients all over Kendall County including Oswego, Aurora, Plano, Millbrook, Boulder Hill, Plattville, Lisbon, Sandwich, Bristol, Joliet, and Yorkville.

Trusted Kendall County Attorneys Serving Aurora, IL

How to Choose a Great Attorney in Aurora Il

If you are facing a criminal charge or dealing with a difficult family matter, choosing an attorney in Aurora, Il, can be stressful. At the Law Offices of Andrew Nickel, we like to introduce ourselves before you have to make your big decision. Our law firm provides a free initial consultation, that you can schedule for a convenient time that works for your schedule.

Choosing a criminal defense attorney in Aurora can be one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make. Depending on your circumstances, you could be facing the very real possibility of jail time or heavy fines. In a criminal case, it’s an excellent long-term investment to hire the most capable and experienced attorney in Aurora, Il, that you can find. Both Andrew and Hope Nickel are former criminal prosecutors in Kendall, Kane, and LaSalle Counties. After their time as prosecutors, the duo moved to private practice where they have used their vast trial experience to help people like you in criminal cases. Whether you are facing a DUI in Aurora or a DUI in Yorkville, a misdemeanor, a felony, or traffic ticket violation, the Nickels can help you navigate the courtroom like few other Kendall County attorneys. Our firm believes that your decision should not be based solely on advertising and it’s important you understand our experience as lawyers before choosing an attorney in Aurora. You can learn more about our experience and understand the value our previous positions will bring to your case.

Aurora Divorce Lawyer You Can Trust

Divorces are emotionally draining and stressful. Choosing an Aurora divorce lawyer is an important decision in order to protect your rights and ensure that your interests are best looked-after during a time when you may not be at your best.

The Kendall County attorneys at the Law Offices of Andrew Nickel are ideal choices to be your Aurora divorce lawyer. Both Hope and Andrew Nickel are former prosecutors in Kendall County, a valuable resource to have on your side during legal proceedings.

Aggressive Aurora DUI Attorney

Andrew Nickel is a leading Aurora DUI attorney thanks to his experience as a former prosecutor in Kendall County. Andrew Nickel was formerly the supervisor of the traffic, DUI and misdemeanor crime division of the Kendall County State’s Attorney’s office.

Hope Nickel, also a former prosecutor has litigated her fair-share of DUI cases as well. This combination of experience is unique in Kendall County and gives you a powerful asset during a prosecution. Whether it’s a first offense or another honest mistake, a DUI charge doesn’t have to determine your job prospects and limit your freedom for the rest of your life. Choosing Kendall County attorneys with an expertise in DUI cases is an important first step in your defense.

We provide aggressive DUI representation in Aurora and intimately understand the court system you’ll be dealing with. As former prosecutors in Kendall, Kane and LaSalle Counties, we are specialists in defending DUI prosecutions in the Chicago suburbs and can help you too.

Divorce Lawyers Aurora Il

If you are looking for divorce lawyers in Aurora, Il, with excellent experience and a warm, personal touch – look no further. Andrew and Hope Nickel are the primary attorneys at the Law Offices of Andrew Nickel and both possess significant experience with divorces.

Our divorce lawyers serving Aurora can help you navigate contested and uncontested divorces in Kendall County and help protect your rights. Andrew Nickel is a Featured Attorney in the area of Family Law on Avvo, receiving a Very Good rating, which is earned based on positive reviews from clients. Andrew is also a Top Contributor on Avvo in the area of family law.

Former Prosecutors Now Lawyers Aurora Il

There are a number of lawyers in Aurora, Il, but none can match the experience of Andrew and Hope Nickel. With over 20 years of shared legal know-how, the Nickels are expertly prepared to help you navigate the legal system.

When conducting your due diligence for lawyers in Aurora, Illinois, we suggest ensuring that you find someone with significant experience in the area of law that matches your legal matter. For instance, if you are in the middle of a family law matter, find lawyers in Aurora with plenty of practice litigating family law cases. Family law is the broad term for cases involving divorce, child custody, separation, child support, parentage, prenuptial, and more. Our lawyers serving Aurora have multiple years of proven experience working with families and litigating family law cases. Since attending Case Western Reserve University School of Law, Andrew Nickel has spent his entire legal career dedicated to criminal and family law. Hope Nickel’s practice is primarily focused on separating couples both with and without child related and parenting issues. In addition to their shared experiences as prosecutors, you have a team of capable advocates in your corner.

Kendall County Lawyers Serving Oswego

Local Lawyers Oswego Il

Unless you have a family member that is a lawyer, selecting lawyers in Oswego, Il can be challenging. You may not know where to start or how to determine which lawyer in Oswego is the best suited for your case. We recommend starting with finding lawyers that specialize in the area of law that aligns with your legal matter and selecting based on experience and reputation.

At the Law Offices of Andrew Nickel, our lawyers specialize in criminal and family law. As lawyers serving Oswego, we feel confident about the experience and reputation we bring to the table. We often discuss our experience as former prosecutors because we believe it’s a unique and powerful advantage we can provide over other lawyers in Oswego. Working on both sides of the courtroom gives us a unique perspective and experiences that translate to better representation for you. Understanding intimately the nuances and details about the courts in Kendall County helps you in your time of need because we know exactly what you’ll be up against and how to prepare your case for the best possible result.

Ethical & Aggressive Divorce Attorney Oswego Il

How do you choose a good divorce attorney in Oswego Il? A great way to learn about your potential divorce attorney and gauge whether or not it will be a good fit is an initial consultation. Our firm provides a free initial consultation, where we can discuss your legal options and you can get to know us.

Our firm’s practice mainly focuses on the areas of criminal and family law, which means we see a large number of divorce cases. You can be confident in knowing we possess the practical experience to help you in your legal matter. As former prosecutors in Kendall County, both Hope and Andrew Nickel developed their skills in the courtroom that they now use to advocate for clients like you.

Former Prosecutors Now DUI Attorneys Oswego, Illinois

Hope and Andrew Nickel are experienced and aggressive DUI attorneys serving Oswego, Illinois. Don’t let an honest mistake determine your future job prospects and limit your freedoms. As former prosecutors, we understand how DUIs are prosecuted in Kendall County and will work tirelessly to pursue the best possible outcome for you. Whether you are a first-time offender and facing a Class A Misdemeanor in Illinois or this is your second or third charge, we are here to help.

If you are facing any DUI charge in Oswego such as a first offense DUI, aggravated DUI, or a suspended license for DUI, it’s in your best interest to speak with a qualified attorney as soon as possible. We offer a free initial consultation on all Oswego DUI cases so that you can understand your legal options and get to know our firm before choosing the best path for you.

Oswego Family Lawyer – Schedule your Free Consultation

The Oswego family lawyer that you choose to help you needs to possess the full range of legal skills that may be required to successfully resolve your legal matter. Andrew and Hope Nickel are both veteran Kendall County attorneys with significant trial experience. Working as former prosecutors, they learned how to be tough in the courtroom, but also work smartly work towards solutions that benefited all parties.

Proven Criminal Defense Attorney Oswego

If you’ve been charged or could be charged with a crime in Oswego, your best option is to hire a criminal defense attorney serving Oswego, Il.

When you are charged with a crime, there is a very real possibility that you will be going to jail. With the law being extremely complicated and a prosecutor whose sole job is to pursue a conviction, you need qualified counsel in Oswego to ensure that your rights are protected to the fullest extent of the law. As former prosecutors, Andrew and Hope Nickel know better than most the risks of self-representation in criminal proceedings. They also know the value of possessing an advocate in your corner with criminal expertise who can fight your rights against the state. Whether it’s a felony, misdemeanor, DUI, or traffic ticket, having a criminal defense attorney in Oswego is priceless.

If you are uncertain about what to do, give us a call and arrange a free consultation. There is no charge and you’ll be better prepared for the future knowing the legal implications of the crimes you’ve been charged with. You’ll also gain insight on the best course of action and how to defend yourself in order to obtain the best possible outcome.

Kendall County Attorneys Serving Joliet, IL

Family Law Attorney Joliet, Il – Protect Your Rights

The Law Offices of Andrew Nickel are ready and able to be your family law attorney in Joliet, Il. We often provide representation for clients with family law issues such as child custody, child support, parentage, contested paternity, adoption, and more.

Andrew and Hope Nickel are experienced family law attorneys with unique experience as former prosecutors in Kendall County. Andrew is a native of the far western suburbs of Chicago and has spent his entire legal career dedicated to all areas of criminal and family law. Hope primarily represents people charged with criminal offenses and couples separating both with and without child related parenting issues.

Choosing the Right Attorney in Joliet Il

If you seek a local attorney serving Joliet, Il, look no further. We are not a big firm with branches nationwide, we’re your neighbors.

There’s a real strategic advantage to hiring Kendall County attorneys near you in Joliet, Il. Every judge and prosecutor across the country have distinct differences. Understanding your locale can take years and requires an ongoing presence in the courtroom. Choosing the Law Offices of Andrew Nickel means you’ll have an attorney in Joliet with experience as a prosecutor in Kendall, Kane and LaSalle Counties. We possess deep knowledge of the local legal system in Joliet, Il, and Kendall County and are here to put that knowledge and experience to work for you.

Andrew and Hope Nickel have over 20 years of shared legal experience in the area where your case will be heard. A hometown attorney in Joliet gives you a distinct advantage throughout the legal process and ensures that you’ll receive the best outcome possible.

Experienced Divorce Attorney Joliet, Il

One of the major advantages of choosing the Law Offices of Andrew Nickel as your divorce attorney in Joliet, Il, is the firm’s humble size. The firm is small by design, in order to give clients the best possible customer service available. Divorces are emotionally and sometimes financially draining; it’s a tremendous help to have a personable advocate in your corner.

Unlike some of the big, national law firms, the Law Offices of Andrew Nickel is based right here in Kendall County. Hope and Andrew are Illinois natives and give every case the personal attention it deserves.

Aggressive DUI Attorney Joliet, Illinois

If you are seeking a DUI attorney in Joliet, Illinois, there is no better choice than the Law Offices of Andrew Nickel. Partners Andrew and Hope Nickel are a rare combination among DUI defense attorneys, they are both former prosecutors. Specifically, Andrew was formerly in charge of the traffic, DUI and misdemeanor division of the Kendall County State’s Attorney’s office.

This invaluable experience can now be put to use for you in your DUI case in Joliet. Any lawyer will tell you that when you face a DUI charge, it’s important to find someone who has significant experience litigating DUI cases. Andrew and Hope Nickel have experience on both sides of the coin, an important part of why you should consider them to be your advocate in court.

A Top Criminal Defense Attorney Joliet, Il

Don’t take our word for it when choosing a criminal defense attorney in Joliet, Il; hear what other criminal lawyers are saying about the Law Offices of Andrew Nickel:

“If you’re in trouble with the law, you need the best lawyer. If you hire Andrew Nickel, you won’t be disappointed he knows how to WIN call him today.” H. Scott Aalsberg, Criminal Defense Attorney.

“I endorse Andrew without reservation. He has demonstrated an exceptional grasp of the law and has the refined skills of a superb litigator. Additionally, he has a character that is beyond reproach.” Brent Hardy, Criminal Defense Attorney.

A key asset to your case is having a criminal defense attorney in Joliet, Il, who is not afraid to go to trial. Some of the reasons you may choose to go to trial are that you’re innocent, you have a valid defense (like self-defense), you have an alibi, the State’s evidence is weak or important witnesses are not likely to appear in court, the State cannot prove your intended to commit the crime and many more. A veteran criminal defense attorney can highlight these factors and help you navigate the legal system.

Traffic Attorney Joliet, Il – Solve Your Ticket Issues

Andrew Nickel is an excellent choice to be your traffic attorney in Joliet Il. As a former supervisor of the traffic, DUI and misdemeanor division of Kendall County, Andrew knows how to solve your traffic ticket problems. Large or small, we can help you choose the best course of action of avoid license points, financial penalties and suspended driving privileges.

As attorneys serving Joliet, we see our fair share of traffic ticket cases. From speeding offenses to driving while your license is suspended or revoked, reckless driving, aggravated speeding, fleeing and eluding a police officer, passing a school bus, and leaving the scene of an accident; we have you covered.

Traffic tickets in Joliet can quickly become serious nuisances and the best way to avoid this pain in your side is to hire Kendall County attorneys with serious experience. As Kendall County attorneys, Andrew and Hope Nickel have tried countless bench trials and know how to get results in the Kendall County courts.

Kendall County Attorneys Serving Plano, IL

Experienced and Aggressive Lawyer Plano, Il

It’s vital to choose a lawyer in Plano, Il with vast experience in the Kendall County court system. The Law Offices of Andrew Nickel have over two decades of shared experience as Kendall County attorneys.

Andrew and Hope Nickel are partners in the Law Offices of Andrew Nickel and possess over 20 years of shared legal experience. As your Plano Il, lawyer, you can expect superior expertise from attorneys who have served as prosecutors in Kendall, Kane and LaSalle Counties.

Whether you need a criminal defense lawyer or family lawyer in Plano, the Nickels are a great choice to be your advocate. The same courtroom skills that Andrew and Hope developed over years as prosecutors can now be used to your benefit. More importantly, than just experience is the fact that our Kendall County attorneys are intimately familiar with the courts, judges, and prosecutors you will likely be up against. Having a local lawyer in Plano who understands the lay of the land is a valuable asset that a big law firm won’t be able to provide.

Plano, Il Attorneys with Experience as Former Prosecutors

Choosing Plano, Il attorneys is one of the most important decisions you’ll make if you are facing a criminal charge. The right attorneys in Plano can be the difference maker, saving you from jail time and/or irreparable damage to your record. Whether you have been charged or believe you may be charged with a misdemeanor in Illinoisfelony in IllinoisDUI in Illinois, or other criminal charges, it’s in your best interest to have qualified Kendall County attorneys at your side. In that arena, Andrew and Hope Nickel is the perfect choice to help you through a very difficult time.

For family law matters, you likely want Plano, Il attorneys who will be responsive to your questions and not make you feel like your just another file. At the Law Offices of Andrew Nickel, our firm takes pride in the fact that we’re a family-run business and want to provide the same level of care and assistance we would expect as a family. As former prosecutors, Andrew and Hope provide ethical and aggressive representation in family law matters in Plano.

Ethical and Aggressive Divorce Attorney Plano, Il

If you are seeking an uncontested or contested divorce, consider hiring a qualified divorce attorney servicing Plano, Il. Our offices are located in nearby Yorkville, close to the Kendall County Courthouse and service clients from all over the metropolitan Chicago area.

An experienced divorce attorney in Plano, Il, such as Hope or Andrew Nickel can help you navigate the legal proceedings with ethical and aggressive representation. During such a stressful time, it’s a tremendous asset to have former prosecutors in your corner, working as your advocate in court.

Highly Regarded Lawyers Plano, Il

For a zero risk way to assess lawyers in Plano, Il, ask for a free initial consultation. Our firm of Kendall County attorneys provides a free initial consultation to help you understand the legal situation that you are facing and help you navigate the best course of action.

We want you to feel good about the lawyers you choose in Plano and you can rest assured that we never use high-pressure tactics to try and win your business. We are more than happy to speak to our case-specific experience that is applicable to your case, our reputation within the legal community, and provide a referral if needed. One thing most Kendall County attorneys will agree on is that you are always better off going up against the State with a trained lawyer at your side, rather than self-representation.

There’s no risk to giving our Kendall County attorneys a call and we would love to hear from you.

Kendall County Attorneys Serving Montgomery, IL

Choose the Right Montgomery, Il Lawyer

One of the unique selling points of our firm in your search for a Montgomery, Il lawyer is that we are a small firm that is focused on quality performance more than quantity. The Law Offices of Andrew Nickel does not have associates, which means that it’s always Andrew or Hope you’ll be working with throughout the entire process.

Trial-tested Divorce Lawyer Montgomery, Illinois

Choosing a divorce lawyer in Montgomery, Illinois, is a big decision and should not be based on flashy advertising. We always encourage anyone requiring legal help to get to know the reputation and experience of the person who will be advocating for them. Our firm, our Kendall County attorneys provide a free initial consultation so that you can meet our team face-to-face and learn about our legal experience before making such an important decision.

Attorneys Montgomery Il – How to Pick?

Your attorneys in Montgomery, Il ideally will have experience in both Kane and Kendall Counties for maximum effectiveness in your case. Since Montgomery is split between Kane and Kendall Counties, the experience possessed by Andrew and Hope Nickel is very valuable. Andrew is a former prosecutor in Kane and Kendall Counties. Hope has experience as a prosecutor in Kendall County and then in LaSalle County, Illinois. No matter the venue around Montgomery, the Law Offices of Andrew Nickel have you covered with experienced representation.

Aggressive Representation – DUI Montgomery Il

A DUI in Montgomery, Il can be a terrifying experience. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be facing fines, jail time, or permanent damage to your record. A useful asset in your case is the experience Andrew Nickel possesses as the former supervisor of traffic tickets, misdemeanors, and DUIs in Kendall County. Andrew is intimately aware of how DUI cases are prosecuted in Kendall and Kane Counties and can provide the aggressive representation needed to avoid the damaging effects of a DUI conviction.

Kendall County Lawyers Serving Sandwich, IL

High-quality Representation – Sandwich, Il Lawyers

For quality representation, contact the Sandwich, Il, lawyers at the Law Offices of Andrew Nickel. Andrew and Hope Nickel possess over 20 years of shared legal experience as Kendall County attorneys. Our firm has vast experience in criminal defense, family law, divorce, traffic tickets, and more. Contact our offices today for a free consultation, conveniently located in Yorkville, Il.

Aggressive DUI Attorney Sandwich, Il

Andrew Nickel was formerly in charge of the DUI division in Kendall County as a prosecutor. Both he and Hope Nickel are former prosecutors, making them perfectly suited to handle your DUI defense in Sandwich, Il. You’re likely seeking an aggressive and ethical DUI attorney who possesses a good reputation with the Kendall County court system. With extensive experience as an attorney in Yorkville, IL,  the Law Offices of Andrew Nickel is the perfect choice for these criteria. Call or email today to schedule your free consultation and prevent any further damage from facing a DUI without representation!

Ethical & Aggressive Divorce Attorney Sandwich, Il

The Law Offices of Andrew Nickel are an excellent choice to be your divorce attorney in Sandwich, Il. Andrew Nickel is a former prosecutor in Kendall and Kane Counties. Hope Nickel is also a former prosecutor and Assistant State’s Attorney – first in Kendall County and then in LaSalle County. Together, they provide ethical and aggressive representation to divorce clients in Sandwich.

Both Kendall County attorneys’ mission is to secure the best outcome for each of their clients.

Experienced Family Lawyers Sandwich, Il

Our firm prides itself on being responsive family lawyers in Sandwich, Il. Our firm is a family-run, local firm located in Yorkville, Illinois. We are proud to represent clients all over Kendall, Kane, LaSalle, and DeKalb Counties. When you become a client, you will never have trouble reaching us directly as we help guide you through your legal matter.