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Kane County Circuit Clerk

Kane County Illinois voters select a Circuit Clerk every four years. The laws and Supreme Court of IllinoisAdministrative Office of Illinois Courts, and Local Rules establish the Kane County, IL, Circuit Clerk’s functions. The main duty of the Kane County Circuit Court is the establishment and maintenance of every court and court seal record. Besides these responsibilities, the Clerk takes charge of some administrative, financial, and public services. Thomas M. Hartwell is the current Kane County Circuit Clerk. The Circuit Clerk’s office mission statement is to provide the public bench and bar a medium of controlling the reception, maintenance, and safety of court records and judicial management information. The office of the Circuit Court is dedicated to rendering customer service in a respectful, punctual, honest, and cost-efficient demeanor.

In Illinois, among 24 judicial circuits, there are six single-county circuits (Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry, and Will). The circuit court has jurisdiction for all matters properly brought before it, except for redistricting of the general assembly and ruling on the ability of the governor to resume office or serve.

The Circuit Court is located at:

540 South Randall Rd.

Charles, Illinois 60174

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Kane County Circuit Court IL (The Sixteenth Judicial District)

Kane County Circuit Court Services is divided into three departments: Probation, Juvenile Justice, and Psychology. The Chief Judge of the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit administers Court Services. The mission of Court Services is to help the public by fostering positive behavior change using proven ways to boost public safety.

The Probation Department offers compulsory services to defendants with a juvenile or adult case. It monitors, supervises, and guides the defendants. Courts receive information from the Probation Department as needed. The center has offices in Aurora, Elgin, and St. Charles.

The Juvenile Justice Center (JJC) is a detention center for youth between the age of 10 and 21. This center has 80 beds and was built to make space for 80 extra beds. The JJC actually provides services for six neighboring counties: DeKalb, DuPage, Kendall, McHenry, Ogle, and Stephenson.

The Psychology Department for the 16th Judicial Circuit is known as the Diagnostic Center. Diagnostic assessments, crisis intervention, and psychotherapy (i.e., individual, group, family) are the services provided by the Psychology Department to offenders. The Diagnostic Center screens the Sheriff’s Deputy, Correctional Officer, and specialized field officer candidates. It gives graduate students a training opportunity in clinical psycho-diagnostics and psychotherapy.

The mission of the 16th Judicial Circuit is to offer equal access to a fair justice system by which legal disputes may be settled promptly and efficiently while promoting trustful relationships with the public.

The 16th Judicial Circuit Court is located at:

37W777 State Route 38

St. Charles, IL 60175

Court Case Search

Court Case Search page offers access to information on court cases in the 16th Judicial District. This service is complimentary. Registration is not necessary for the public if they want to look for court records. If you click on the Online Court Records link, you can search your case by name, case number, or ticket if you put the required information in the search field. You can find most types of criminal records here, including felony and misdemeanor chargesLawyers and law enforcement employees are advised to register with the website.

In addition, there are many forms online, in our forms, or the State Standardized Form if you can’t find a specific document you need, email Technical Support.

Kane County Bar Association

Kane County Bar association was established in 1982 to maintain the honor and dignity of the law profession, promote law education, and assist the public in legal matters. The bar association is actively participating in educating law students in various forms, including seminars. Moreover, they are helping the public in making more meaningful decisions regarding money matters.

The Kane County Bar Association is located at:

555 S Randall Rd Ste 205

Saint Charles, IL 60174

Kane County IL Courthouse

The Kane County IL Courthouse is home to the Civil Division of the 16th Circuit court. This 4-story building was built back in 1892 after the previous courthouse building had burned down. Fortunately, the records of the County Clerk and the Circuit Clerk were locked in fireproof vaults and thus preserved. Services offered include civil court cases related to arbitration, small claims, probate, and foreclosures.

The Courthouse is located at:

100 South Third Street

Geneva, Illinois 60134

The Kane County IL Courthouse is open weekdays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. People who require services from the Civil Court for civil and dependency cases are welcome. The Courthouse also secures teacher and employment certificates.

Details on Kane County’s Jail

If a person violates municipal or local ordinances, state or federal law, the police have to intervene. If a police officer determines there is probable cause the person has committed a criminal act, that person will be taken into custody.

Kane County Jail is a detention center located in St. Charles, IL. Inmates are locked up for various criminal acts. However, detainees are encouraged to accept visitation from people who care about them, like family members, as well as lawyers, and members of clergy. If you have been arrested or detained in this jail, contact an Illinois attorney familiar with local county, municipal, and state laws.

The County Jail is located at:

37W755 Illinois Route 38 St. Charles, IL

It is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

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Kane County State’s Attorney

History of the Kane County State’s Attorney Office

There were no county prosecutor offices in Illinois for the first 54 statehood years. Prosecutors were selected in every Illinois multi-county judicial court. They were in charge of legal advising and the prosecution of each criminal case. The 1870 Constitution of Illinois stated that in 1872 and every four years after that, each county’s voters would vote for a state’s attorney. Kane County followed the guidelines outlined in the Constitution and formed the State’s Attorney’s office shortly after.

The method of local prosecutor selection has not changed. Prior to beginning his own practice, Andrew Nickel spent nearly five years as a prosecutor in both counties Kane and Kendall. As an Assistant State’s Attorney, Andrew litigated a wide range of cases, including DUI, felonies, and misdemeanors.

The Current Kane County State Attorney

Joseph H. McMahon has been State Attorney since November 2010. Joe was a law practitioner prior to serving as the State’s Attorney. He grew up in Kane County, Illinois, where he graduated from St. Edward High School in Elgin. His post-secondary education background includes a bachelor’s from the University of Iowa, J.D. from the John Marshall Law School, and an M.B.A. from the University of Notre Dame.

In 1992, McMahon started his first job in the legal field as an Assistant State’s Attorney in Kane County. Joe was the State’s Attorney’s Office chief of the Criminal Division for two years. He served as an Assistant Attorney General for Illinois.

McMahon belongs to the Illinois State Bar Association. His previous roles at the ISBA were chairman of the Corporate Law Department Section Council and chairman of the Sentencing & Corrections Committee. As of now, he is a member of the ISBA’s Judicial Evaluation Outside of Cook County. Mr. McMahon is affiliated with Kane County Bar Association (KCBA). He was a member of the Fox Valley Volunteer Hospice board of directors.

Kane County Law Library

The KCBA is an association of more than 1,200 legal professionals and 28 committees. It was established in 1858. KCBA members and the general public can contact the KCBA by phone. An online contact form is also provided.

The “Find a Lawyer” page helps clients search for a lawyer by practice area, language, experience, rate, availability, and location. The name of the lawyer or law firm can also be typed in the search box. The Find a Lawyer page can help you find an attorney for any type of case in IL, whether it’s a felony in Illinois or misdemeanor, contract, family law case, tax law, and more.

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